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Re: How to Increase Contributions from Volunteers

Joseph Michael Smidt wrote:
> 	I believe the greatest barrier the Debian Project has in preventing widespread
> contributions from greater numbers of volunteers is a psychological barrier.  I have
> personally introduced Debian to several of my friends and always emphasize the idea
> that they too can contribute to the great cause whether by documentation, translation
> or adopting a package, etc...  Universally they are excited, desire to try it out,
> then come back having read what it takes to be a Debian Developer and are
> overwhelmed.  They then begin searching out other open source projects where it seems
> psychologically they will be able to be more of an assistance.

They are right: most probably they will find it easier to make contributions to other

What is missing from your message is the argument why this should be changed.  Would it
in fact be a good thing if your friends devoted their time to Debian rather than to
those other projects?  It is not obvious to me that that would be better.  The "great
cause" is the free software movement as a whole.  Within that movement there should be
room for different kinds of projects, including exclusive hobby clubs.
Thomas Hood

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