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Re: dependencies on makedev

Le mercredi 04 janvier 2006 à 01:06 +0000, Stephen Gran a écrit :
> > Can you give us a way to change permissions of a device that can be
> > plugged or unplugged?
> Of course.  With a static /dev/, the node is always there to be operated
> on whether or not there is hardware associated with the device node.
> You can chmod it whether there is a device plugged in or not.

Which is completely unuseful as the device can be mapped to different
hardware later on.

> udev largely solves the problem of 'my /dev tree is ugly with all those
> extra things in it'.  Until it also solves all of the problems it brings
> with it, and provides an upgrade path better than 'upgrade the kernel
> first', I have to remain unconvinced.

It seems you are misunderstanding the purpose of udev. Its most
important benefit is to signal the user space that a device has been
plugged in, through HAL and dbus. The clean /dev tree is only a side

Furthermore, udev doesn't bring new problems. You can't have a
persistent naming scheme with a static /dev either, unless you are
loading modules by hand. If you still want to load your modules by hand,
udev won't prevent you from doing so.
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