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Re: Debian for desktop - gnome in usnstable/experimantal more stable than in testing ?


> Secondly, you do not seem to understand how Debian works. "Unstable" is 
> called "Unstable" for a reason. It is the first stage of public testing. 
> Renaming it to "Latest" would not only falsely describe what it is, but 
> would simply be not true. If you want the latest, you download and 
> compile it yourself. If you want to test software for future Debian 
> releases, you use "Unstable".
However I have often heard complaints about broken dependencies and
broken software in testing. From what I have heard, I would not like to
go with testing for my system. Therefore I see two possible choices for
the end user: 
     1. stable for a stable system which is totally sufficient for the
        average user (who has very little knowledge about computers and
        does not care if feature XYZ is already available...)
     2. unstable which is a good choice for people with a little more
        experience who like to have the latest features
        Doing updates only once in a while and installing apt-listbugs
        does also help in making unstable a relatively stable choice.
I think one of the reason why testing is doing bad compared to unstable
is, because serious bugs usually get fixed in unstable pretty fast,
however due to dependency problems the fixes often take a long time to
propagate to testing.
Nevertheless I think the stable/testing/unstable framework is a good
choice because it offers a good way for preparing stable releases. 

Just my 2¢

Best regards 


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