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Re: dependencies on makedev

Adam Heath writes:

> What ever happened to standard unix tools?  chmod/mkdir/chown/mv?
> You're suggesting doing things like some other OS(like Windows, were you have
> to edit a registry).

I agree with you, but OTOH, if I change something in /usr, I have to
fuck around with dpkg-statoverride or dpkg-divert or whatever (I don't,
but that's not the point). At least it's somewhat more convenient than
editing udev's registry, but, people don't seem to complain that much.

I guess it makes sense if you're already looking at the problem from
udev's perspective, but then again, maybe in that case you already think
udev is the One True Way forward, and giving our users a choice is just
a pain in the ass. Ahem.

things change.

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