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Re: dependencies on makedev

On Fri, 30 Dec 2005, Roger Leigh wrote:

> > How does persistance of the permission model work?  Can I do chown/chmod on
> > the dynamic files in /dev, and have them remain the next time?  Even if a
> > device node changes it's name?  Or do I have to edit some alternative
> > database?
> You edit or add to the udev rules.  These are usually used to set
> policy for whole categories of devices, but you can of course fine
> tune it, or replace all the standard rules with your own.  The default
> gives you all the standard names, as with a static /dev.  (I
> personally switched it to the devfs-style rules.)

That's the wrong answer.

What ever happened to standard unix tools?  chmod/mkdir/chown/mv?

You're suggesting doing things like some other OS(like Windows, were you have
to edit a registry).

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