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Re: New make is breaking several packages

On Thu, 29 Dec 2005 09:04:09 +0100, Frank Küster <frank@debian.org> said: 

> Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> wrote:
>> Err, what are you trying to do? You have demonstrated here that
>> with the new make, you can concatenate words, the old make did not.
> [...]
>>> So it seems that it is not possible to make shell commands with
>>> line continuation work with both make versions, and one has to
>>> resort to the make variable solution.
>> Trivial to make a makefile that echoes two words in the old and the
>> new version -- unless I am missing what you are trying to do?

> Daniel claimed that it was possible to write a Makefile that echos
> one word with both versions.  That was what Robert was trying out
> and didn't work with Daniel's first suggestion, and with his second
> neither.

        As far as I can tell, this is new functionality in the current
 make, which can do both one word and two word out put with
 continuation lines.

> You are right that it's hardly useful - just break the line
> elsewhere.  But still that's the topic of the thread, and just
> telling people "there is no problem" without telling them why their
> imagined problem isn't real won't help out soon.  It takes three
> mails by me and two by you...

        Err, while this documentation shall be included well before
 the final release (which is, according to schedule, about an year
 away), complaining that I did not test out the package and discern
 all little documentation issues with the new functionality that
 people other than I would have a problem with is childish. While the
 continuation issues did not affect my makefiles directly, I did not
 consider the stanza in NEWS unclear (I know how POSIX shellshandle
 newlines, I assume most DD's do as well). It is not easy to provide
 helpful documentation for unclear areas when the areas are not
 unclear to one.

        Debian developers, and others using Sid, should be prepared
 for minor lacunae in documentation; this is why we have unstable --
 so minor mistakes and deficiencies can be uncovered.

        People who can't figure out what is happening with the new
 continuation behaviour should really consider running Sarge until we
 have added the spoon feeding and training wheels to Etch.

        In other words, if you want release quality stuff, don't use
 Sid, and don't hector people who upload to Sid early, and often, and
 use the feedback to improve packages and documentation.

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