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Re: New make is breaking several packages

Le Vendredi 23 Décembre 2005 09:11, Robert Luberda a écrit :
> On Tue, 20 Dec 2005, Daniel Schepler wrote:
> Hi,
> > Yes, a Makefile with
> > all:
> > 	echo 'foo'\
> > 	'bar'
> >
> > will pass to the shell:
> > (old make) echo 'foo''bar'
> > (new make) echo 'foo'\
> > 'bar'
> >
> > And both will echo a single word.
> Unfortunatelly that's not true: the sarge version of make
> prints two words ;(
> Has anybody any other ideas how to write a Makefile that will
> work in the same way with both sarge and sid make?

Sorry, I didn't have access to an old make at the time I wrote this.  I guess 
the old make preserves leading tabs on continuations, so this would instead 
have to be:

	echo 'foo'\

Hopefully this will work on both versions, but again I don't have easy access 
to an old make to test it.  There's also the suggestion elsewhere in the 
thread to put the script in a make variable instead.
Daniel Schepler

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