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Re: congratulations to our ftp-master team

Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> writes:

> I assume the DPL has been working in the background to try to resolve
> this, as an public and open power struggle between the DPL and the
> people in key privileged positions would soon become very ugly, and
> affect the Debian project badly.  How badly do you want the omelet?
> Are you willing to break the eggs, oven and the rest of the kitchen to
> get it?

Oh, I want the omelet, but not at the cost of the kitchen.  So if the
DPL team have been working behind the scenes, that's great.  I can
only speak (and only did speak) of what seems to be the case, judging
by the external appearances available.

> What do you expect would happen if the DPL team reassigned the
> privilege of for example ftpmaster, system administrator or key ring
> maintainer to other people?  The new people would lack passwords,
> physical access and the cooperation of the original people.  The
> current privileged people might refuse to acknowledge the delegation,
> and ignore the new people and the DPL.  

If there is a serious risk that these people would so blatantly
disregard our constitution, then the coup has already happened, and we
should either stop pretending that we are governed by a DPL and GRs
and a Constitution, or we should oust the coup.


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