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congratulations to our ftp-master team

I'd like to congratulate our ftp-master team on their ability to timely
process packages progressing through the NEW queue.

<http://ftp-master.debian.org/new.html> [1]

I think you are an excellent example of people who are too busy for Debian.

I must say that I am particularly impressed that you've managed to
frustrate our users for over 1 year with the package 'xvidcap'.

Truly the works of Gods among both Debian users _and_ Debian developers.

If only more of the infrastructure teams displayed your attitude and
dedication to volunteering for the benefit of all Debian users and



As this post indicates, it isn't just the ftp-master team failing Debian.


From the current issues list, most infrastructure teams seems incapable
of acting in any kind of reasonable timeframe.

Either that or the high concentration of particularly reticient
individuals is the problem. Something like that.

Perhaps we should just recall the DPL, change the structure of Debian so
it is an appointed board and appoint those already acting in a
dictatorial manner to it.  It'd be better to outline what current reality
is rathing than continuing with our current charade.


[1]: As I write this 79 NEW packages, 85 total.

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