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Removing gtksee package

I intend to request the removal of the gtksee package from 
the archive. So let me explain why.

I adopted the package in July 2004 and had a pretty active 
assosiation with the upstream author.
During the time upstream authors absence became more and 
more frequent and after some time he mailed me and told me 
that because of private problems he is probably not able to 
do be upstream maintainer any longer. After this I haven't 
heard anything for a while now.

The package is in a fairly good state but has some annoying 
bugs [1]. So I played a bit with gqview which seems be a 
good replacement. It has all features gtksee has and a bit 
Nonetheless a few people are still using it. So I requested 
for adoption which I think would be still possible with a 
maintainer who can also do a bit of upstream maintaing.

So what do you think should I request a removal or wait for 
an adopter?
Regards Nico

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?pkg=gtksee
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