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Re: Debian and the desktop

On 20:25 Mon 12 Dec 2005, Simon Richter wrote:
> This is also related to the clash of the two approaches ("multiuser 
> system with capable admin" versus "single-user personal system where all 
> users need admin priviledge to associate to new APs as they roam with 
> their laptop"). What we need is a solution that handles the in-between 
> cases as well, and it's not Debian specific either.

I think that when pointing at 'desktop' task is to make all of this
available. Selecting it will override the fact that the system you are
setting up is multi or uniuser. This shouldn't care to the desktop task.
The sound system should be set, as well as the wireless thing and other
stuff, in spite of the availability of these or how the system will be

> The most pressing issues are those that lie in system design and are not 
> distribution specific. That Ubuntu doesn't have those issues to the 
> extent Debian has is related to the "single-user with sudo" approach 
> they have taken, but this is not a solution.

Why not? I think I couldn't understand correctly your point here.

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