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Bas Zoetekouw wrote:

But what would you gain from that?  In my experience, the mirrors are
fast enough to saturate anything but the fastest (100Mb) links.

I think the idea is

a) load-balancing over multiple DSL lines
b) checking a bunch of apt-proxy servers whether they can provide the file instantantaneously before asking one to actually get the file (with the added constraint that a different server be queried for every file not present anywhere, so the load balancing will still work).

My suggestion would be to simply drop apt-proxy and turn towards squid, which can do exactly that (there is an inter-proxy protocol); it will take a bit to configure it to let .deb files live longer than other files (since they don't change), but should not be too hard). The only thing it doesn't do is load balancing the DSL lines.


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