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Re: buildd administration [was Re: StrongARM tactics]

On Thu, Dec 08, 2005 at 11:40:17AM +0100, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> As a result, no one can help with buildd maintenance as the current
> buildd admins won't let anyone help them, however overloaded they can
> be. They refuse to delegate any part of their powers because people
> aren't skilled enough,

How do you know this is true? (Hint: I know it's not.)

> and people aren't skilled enough because they aren't allowed to help.

Er, did you even *read* this thread?  We got on the topic of buildds because
*someone refused to help diagnose build failures because they consider it the
buildd admin's job*.  This is a concrete and specific task which needs
attention, which doesn't require special access in order to work on, and by
means of which developers can demonstrate their trustworthiness to buildd
maintainers.  Instead, people are telling me this is the buildd maintainer's
job, and that no one is going to volunteer to do any porting work unless
they are given the keys to the buildds in the process.

The buildd maintainers are stopping people from helping?  Like, WTF?

> I started my implication in the project four years ago. For four years,
> there have been problems with keyring maintenance and buildd
> administration.

What problems are there today with buildd administration, please?

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