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Re: buildd administration

[Josselin Mouette]
> I started my implication in the project four years ago. For four
> years, there have been problems with keyring maintenance and buildd
> administration. For four years, people responsible for these tasks
> have refused help on these matters. For four years, everything that
> was suggested on these topics haven't lead to any result, because
> these same people have simply ignored the suggestions. Can someone
> tell me when this nightmare is going to end?

Perhaps it is time for a replacement buildd network, and a new
delegation from the DPL for keyring maintenence?

Setting up a buildd system do not require extra privileges from the
Debian project, as far as I know.  Any Debian developer with his
public key in the keyring can sign uploads.  The only privileges
required to join the current buildd network is access to the build
status database, and this make it hard for people on the outside of
the current group of buildd maintainers to set up buildd machines in
the existing buildd system out without help from the current buildd
admins.  But setting up ones own database is not only possible, it has
been done in the past.

Doing keyring maintenence on the other hand require special privileges
from the Debian project, as there can be only one authorativ source
for DD public keys, and it is not really useful for a separate entity
to maintain another list of public keys.  Because of this, a
delegation from the DPL make sense.

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