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Re: bugs.debian.org refusing mail?

On Thu, Dec 08, 2005 at 12:24:32PM +0100, Frank Küster wrote:
> Jeroen van Wolffelaar <jeroen@wolffelaar.nl> wrote:
> > Weird, 
> fortunately not too weird - I just sent the same mail again, and this
> time it has been accepted.

Right, so transitional probably.
> > but why don't you ask the people who are dealing with debian.org
> > mail? Their address in debian-admin@lists.d.o. They have access
> > to things like logs and such, the only thing other people can do is make
> > (educated or not) guesses.
> I would have sent the mail to owner@bugs.debian.org - how should I know
> the difference?  And my experience with mail to debian-admin is kind of
> mixed, from prompt action plus answer to nothing at all, and these were
> more specific questions than "Something seems to be wrong".

Well, if you don't try, you're 100% sure to not get an answer, so I
don't see how not mailing them helps :) -- and owner@ probably would've
forwarded if they'd not have found it themselves. You could know the
difference because DSA does email (it requires root), and the BTS
people do the stuff once it leaves the MTA.

> > Anyway, the complete text of your mail seems irrelevant as the bounce
> > seems to imply you get a 550 directly after DATA, before you sent the
> > actual message, right? So you can debug a bit yourself too with telnet
> > easily, to see what part caused this error (the MAIL FROM:, RCPT TO:,
> > the HELO, simply what IP you're sending from, or whether it's maybe
> > transitional...).
> Sorry, I'm a DD, am I required to speak SMTP?

Nope, it's just relatively common for people to know it a bit, but yeah,
you can just mail DSA or so instead if you can't -- or try still try to
debug using your normal mail program (perhaps from different


Jeroen van Wolffelaar
Jeroen@wolffelaar.nl (also for Jabber & MSN; ICQ: 33944357)

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