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Re: texlive-basic_2005-1_i386.changes REJECTED

Hi Jörg!

On Mon, 28 Nov 2005, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> > Please comment, not only on the package naming, but also on the
> > bin-to-source mapping.
> Hey, that looks ways better than the initial upload. Good work. :)
> And with 5 sources left its also much less then what I suggested.

Thanks. I always try to incorporate suggestions. I could even go down to
one source package, that would be easiest for me. Then we would have the
TeX live iso image, add a debian subdir and build everything. But then
again, who want's to upload 700M all the time.

> > texlive-binaries-source		96M
> > texlive-documentation-source	57M
> > texlive-languages-source	37M
> > texlive-base-source		78M
> > texlive-extra-source		172M
> Drop the -source from the source names i would say. Its clear what is
> source and what not. :)


> With those package sizes you should be *damn sure* that the stuff
> you/your sponsor uploads *really* works and doesnt have any simple
> errors. I assume you have a good testsuite for it? :)

What do you count as simple errors? I install-remove-install-purge test
most packages, run all of them on my working machine, go through some
test in a chroot, build all in sid-chroot. And I hope that I can create
a more automatic test suite later on.

> >> allrunes       dfsg
> >> Please: Tell me its not true that the DFSG is used as a license there.
> >As stated in the License file, this list was generated from the TeX
> >Catalogue, which *can be wrong*! If you check the actual allrunes files,
> >you see that it is LPPL.
> Well, yes. To be honest: I looked for the real license before I wrote
> this. :)
> Take this as a pointer to a.) correct the catalog and b.) correct the
> header of the generated license.txt. And/Or whoever listed "dfsg" as a
> license in the first place.

Please see Frank Küsters email to this topic. It is true that the TeX
live license file is not perfect, but - with Frank's words - it is much
better than the one in teTeX.

We are working on fixing this. I have recently gotten write access to
the TeX Catatolgues cvs repository so that I can feed back in
corrections to the license descriptions.

And if you take a look at the texlive ml at tug.org, I can assure you
that Karl Berry is very eager in dropping everything from TeX live which
has the slightest problem with being DFSG free.

So, yes, you are right, there is much to do. But I hope this is not a
barrier for getting it into Debian now. The Debian teTeX Team and I are
working on clearing up the situation as good as possible.

Best wishes


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