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Non-DFSG TeXLive stuff [was: Re: texlive-basic_2005-1_i386.changes REJECTED]

Norbert Preining wrote:

> And if you take a look at the texlive ml at tug.org, I can assure you
> that Karl Berry is very eager in dropping everything from TeX live which
> has the slightest problem with being DFSG free.

Hmm... in that case, I should mention my experience with XyMTeX, an
organic chemistry LaTeX package included in TeX Live.  Anyone else who
wants to comment on non-DFSG-free components of TeX Live may as well
follow up to this email.

See Debian bug #304714 where I had originally filed an ITP, and the
thread starting at
http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2005/04/msg00408.html where I asked
about the license.  Unfortunately, when I emailed the author for a
license clarification, his reply was as follows:

> I regret to say that only personal redistribution (except CTAN) is permissible. 
> Thank your for your kind attention to XyMTeX. 
> Sincerely Yours
> Shinsaku Fujita

Just noticed that someone's opened an RFP bug #340555 for XyMTeX, so
CC-ing this there.  (To answer a question in the RFP, upstream's email
address is fujitas (at) chem.kit.ac.jp if anyone wants to try convincing
him to license it DFSG-freely.)


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