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Re: texlive-basic_2005-1_i386.changes REJECTED

Hi Miles!

On Die, 29 Nov 2005, Miles Bader wrote:
>    PKG-doc
>    PKG-doc-LANG                 (LANG is usually code like "fr")
> Not sure, but I guess either just "texlive-doc" or "texlive-doc-base".

Done, texlive-doc-XX

> > For the language stuff: Here is a problem as some languages packages are
> > not *one* single language, but several (arabic, cjk, other). So would it
> > be the best solution to have
> > 	old:	texlive-langXXXXX
> > 	new:	texlive-XXXX-lang
> Existing usage seems a bit mixed; the main common point seems to be
> "-LANG" as a suffix.  Some patterns are:
>    PKG-locale-LANG              (this seems the most common)
>    PKG-l10n-LANG                (openoffice uses this)
>    PKG-i18n-LANG                (kde uses this)

I will use the 
due to the following reasons:
. the packages are *not* about locales, l10n, nor i18n, it is about
  writing in this language, which can be done under any locale. It is
  no localization of TeX, but support for typesetting these
. keep the <longname> out of the same reasons

Best wishes


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