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Re: texlive-basic_2005-1_i386.changes REJECTED

On Mon, 28 Nov 2005, Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
> > texlive-binaries-source		96M
> > -----------------------
> > texlive-basicbin 		texlive-base-bin
> > texlive-binextra 		texlive-extrautils
> I'd suggest texline-extra-utils here, because (at least to me) "extra"


> > texlive-langindic		texlive-lang-indic
> Shouldn't this go with languages, below?

No, because in texlive-binaries-source there are all the arch-depend
bins collected, while all the others are arch=all. This was done on
purpose to reduce the load on the servers and do not make horrible file

> > texlive-graphicstools		texlive-graphicstools
> A hyphen would really be appreciated here, too. Probably because of "st"

ok, done, too.

> > texlive-langcjk			texlive-lang-cjk
> Another language.

As above.

> > texlive-documentation-base	texlive-base-doc
> I'm going to agree with the other poster: These should all be
> texlive-doc-FOO instead of texlive-FOO-doc (including the base one).

Also done.

> > texlive-languages-source	37M
> > ------------------------
> > Reasoning: We use names instead of codes as several of these packages include
> > support for different languages/variants (greek: various versions of greek 
> > with different iso codes, ...). 
> This makes them oddly different than the documentation packages. Could

Yeah, this is true, but OTOH, these packages *are* different things.
They are *not* localizations, they are actual tex input files supporting
the *generation* of documents in these languages. They can be used under
all locales, languages, countries,....

I want to stress this in the sense that I want to lure people into: Hey
I don't need this.

Best wishes


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