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Re: texlive-basic_2005-1_i386.changes REJECTED

On 10487 March 1977, Norbert Preining wrote:

> I have reworked the whole packaging naming and would like all of you
> again for comments:

WTH, what a thread. :) And its also *not* a flamewar. Is hell freezing? :)

> Please comment, not only on the package naming, but also on the
> bin-to-source mapping.

Hey, that looks ways better than the initial upload. Good work. :)
And with 5 sources left its also much less then what I suggested.

> texlive-binaries-source		96M
> texlive-documentation-source	57M
> texlive-languages-source	37M
> texlive-base-source		78M
> texlive-extra-source		172M

Drop the -source from the source names i would say. Its clear what is
source and what not. :)

With those package sizes you should be *damn sure* that the stuff
you/your sponsor uploads *really* works and doesnt have any simple
errors. I assume you have a good testsuite for it? :)

>> allrunes       dfsg
>> Please: Tell me its not true that the DFSG is used as a license there.
>As stated in the License file, this list was generated from the TeX
>Catalogue, which *can be wrong*! If you check the actual allrunes files,
>you see that it is LPPL.

Well, yes. To be honest: I looked for the real license before I wrote
this. :)
Take this as a pointer to a.) correct the catalog and b.) correct the
header of the generated license.txt. And/Or whoever listed "dfsg" as a
license in the first place.

bye Joerg
A.D. 1492:
Christopher Columbus arrives in what he believes to be India, but
which RMS informs him is actually GNU/India.

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