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Re: texlive-basic_2005-1_i386.changes REJECTED

Hi all!

(Taking out all the private email adr plus the other lists of the Cc and
continuing only on debian-devel)

On Mon, 28 Nov 2005, Miles Bader wrote:
> I assume that people seeing/using texlive-in-debian are more likely to
> be long-term Debian users rather than veteran texlive users, and will
> benefit both from more readable package names, and (as you say) from
> consistency with other debian packages.  Note that there is a definite
> benefit to this sort of consistency -- I often do operations in aptitude
> by matching on package prefixes/suffix, e.g. everything matching "-doc"
> (or whatever).

Ok, accepted. Let's go on and try to settle this:

How would the layout go for documentation packages. Ok, for a
documentation in language xxxx I take the XX code and generate
	old:	texlive-documentation-xxxxx
	new:	texlive-XX-doc
But what to do with the texlive-documentation-base, should it become
	old:	texlive-documenatation-base
	new:	texlive-base-doc

For the language stuff: Here is a problem as some languages packages are
not *one* single language, but several (arabic, cjk, other). So would it
be the best solution to have
	old:	texlive-langXXXXX
	new:	texlive-XXXX-lang

Finally a question concerning the package build from binaries-source:
texlive-binaries-source         96M
        texlive-basicbin texlive-binextra texlive-fontbin texlive-htmlxml
        texlive-metapost texlive-omega texlive-pdfetex texlive-psutils
        texlive-ttfutils texlive-music texlive-langindic texlive-graphicstools
Renaming some of them in the `obvious' way is in fact misleading: Take
	old:	texlive-binextra
and rename it to
	new:	texlive-extra-bin
Then most Debian users would expect a package "texlive-extra" and this
one would provide only the binaries.

But in binextra there are not the binaries for some extra package, there
are just extra binaries including the necessary support files, so
complete packages.

To stress this fact: texlive-fontbin, texlive-binextra should be renamed
to have decent names, but they are in some sense self contained packages
containing binaries and the necessary support files, they are not of the
usual -bin type packages in Debian, ie splitting out binaries from one
package to have only small arch dep packages and one big arch indep

If this changes anything in your idea on how the packages should be
named, tell me, I am open to this.

Otherwise, according to your comments, I would suggest

Would this be an acceptable naming scheme for all present? Also

Best wishes


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