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getting unstable lintian & linda into stable

It seems that not every new maintainer is building a package 
on an unstable system which is recommended (or at least a 
version with the current policy version).
So there are errors in packages which come to debian-mentors 
which are checked with an old version of the debian policy.

So what about a special exception which provides updated 
lintian & linda packages for the stable distribution?
Is it technical possible? I mean becaused it should be 

If not it would be great to add some kind of Warning to the 
source code which checks the Debian versions and warns the 
user that it is normally recommended to built on a newer 

Maybe this idea is crap but I think somehow it would be 
great to wanr users building on stable (not an error because 
of backports etc.)
Regards Nico

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