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Re: getting unstable lintian & linda into stable

Op vr, 11-11-2005 te 15:28 +0100, schreef Nico Golde:
> So what about a special exception which provides updated 
> lintian & linda packages for the stable distribution?

Doesn't sound like a particularly good idea to me. You need no just
unstable's linda/lintian; you also need unstable's libraries to be able
to make sure your package will work and build on unstable. There's no
way around that; there's way too many libraries that might have their
SONAME bumped, way too many packages that might have been split (or
merged) so that the packages you need to build-dep on in stable don't
exist anymore in unstable (or vice versa), etc.

"Just" including linda/lintian in stable doesn't fix that.

> If not it would be great to add some kind of Warning to the 
> source code which checks the Debian versions and warns the 
> user that it is normally recommended to built on a newer 
> version.

That could work.

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