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Re: Bug#276419: [Pkg-shadow-devel] Bug#276419: [Pbuilder-maint] Shall Debian's su conform to other implementations


> > support for that change (like POSIXLY_CORRECT)
> > 
> > Then change.
> > 
> > We've got quite a bit of tools in sarge that doesn't work with
> > this change, right?
> >From what Nicolas investigated, not that much. He only found dchroot
> and pbuilder up to now. Nicolas does not pretend to have a complete
> investigation but I trust him when he mentions he tried as widely as
> possible.

FWIW, pbuilder in sid is fixed since 0.129 (17 August 2005),
and I am hoping that will
probagate into some stable backports, so that practically,
pbuilder side is  ready for the new su.


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