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Re: Request: Source for parts of GNU/Solaris


Loved your "for those of you following at home" post.

As is "pressing" people. You can justify hostility, certainly; but it's
at least worth trying "honest and cooperative" as an approach first.

It didn't start out that way, not as I read it anyway.

When you see some code that's not available under the GPL's terms,
what's your reaction:

My reaction is that the author is entitled to make his work products available under any license he chooses.

That isn't what's going on here, though. As far as I can tell, Erast is completely disregarding the legitimate rights of the copyright holders of the software he's shipping with his system. That isn't "some code that's not available under the GPL", that's "theft".

And, I mean, seriously: using the threat of legal action to make people
remove free software from the Internet? Whose side are we on here?

No. The threat of legal action to stop the theft of Free software. Big difference.

Erast hasn't done *anything* to address or even acknowledge the CDDL/GPL compatibility issue. His system as currently implemented clearly depends on linking CDDL works with GPL works. The authors of the software he's distributing with his system haven't given him permission to do that. Quite simple, actually.

To be fair, I must admit that I'm not a DD and I don't hold copyright to any of Erast's software. But I believe strongly in the way Debian does things, and I use a *lot* of Debian software in my work. So I justify my participation in this thread based on my interest in protecting Debian's interests.


Bill Gatliff

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