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Re: postinst scripts failing because a new conffile wasn't accepted: Is it a bug?

[Frank Küster]
> Actually that wouldn't be hard for teTeX, since it looks for
> texmf.cnf at multiple places and reads them all.  Even the order is
> as intended - a file in /etc/texmf would override settings from the
> file in /usr/share/texmf.

Very good.  Should make it possible to implement a system to remove
the questions during upgrades. :)

> Having three files - ours in /usr/share/texmf/, a package-specific,
> generated one in /var/lib/texmf with the source files in
> /etc/texmf/texmf.d/, and the one for the local admin as
> /etc/texmf/texmf.cnf seems confusing to me.

One way to reduce the confusion would be to add references to the
other files in the header of each file.  This way the people reading
the file in /usr/share/, /etc/ or /var/lib/ have a better chance of
discovering the other files.

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