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Re: postinst scripts failing because a new conffile wasn't accepted: Is it a bug?

Scripsit Frank Küster <frank@debian.org>

> These variables can be changed by a configuration file, and some of them
> *must* be set.  Now if a user refuses to accept the change that switches
> from VARTEXMF to TEXMFVAR (or TEXMFSYSVAR, actually), TeX can no longer
> work.

You seem to assume that the *only* way to get this change into the
file is to forcibly discard all of the sysadmin's local adaptations
and install a pristine upstream version of the conffile.

Why do you want to deny the sysadmin the opportunity to do the changes

He presumably did have a good reason to make the local adaptations he
did, and who are you do decree that his preferred method of solution
MUST be to redo all of his local adaptations by hand, instead of to
make the simple upstream change to one line in the file by hand?

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