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Authentication [Was: Bits from the release team: the plans for etch]

Hello everyone,
	following all the discussion about when to add or remove users/groups
and when to do this, i must that maybe some work is done (not using the
standard adduser commands but almost).

	I package libuser (from RH). From the Description:

	"The libuser library implements a standardized interface for
manipulating and administering user and group accounts. The library uses
pluggable back-ends to interface to its data sources."

	It already has backends for ldap, kerberos, standard Unix
password/shadow and sasldb. Modules for NIS are planned. Configuring
properly the backends one can add/remove users/groups from them. There
are also some examples programs that extends its functionality.

	Apart of this, some time ago, i take a look to authconfig, the RH
(again) utility to configure (ncurses and gtk available) the
workstations to authenticate locally, via kerberos, ldap, heisod...
Almost all the code was vendor independent and the only changes
necessary were those related to the organization of pam configuration. I
filled a ITP some time ago and it's almost working. It somebody want to
sponsor it, we can upload it to experimental and start the party.

	Ghe Rivero

CPD - Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca
Tlf. 923 277 136 - Ext. 7263

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