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Re: Bits from the release team: the plans for etch

Hi Christian!

Christian Perrier [2005-10-21  7:05 +0200]:
> >         At this point, most of the major packages that have to be
> >  modified to enable a bare SELinux Debian system are in place, with
> >  coreutils being the last holdout.
> Myself and other shadow package maintainers were wondering whether we
> have to compile shadow utilities (login, su, passwd...) with SELinux
> support.
> One of my co-maintainers said me we shouldn't because libselinux1 is
> not in the base system...which seems untrue..:-) (or I misunderstood
> him which is also likely)

Even if it wasn't - libraries are not promoted to base just because
its cool to have them there, but because base programs (want to) use
them.  Having OOTB support for SELinux would really rock *dream*, and
I guess there will be little to no opposition to this feature, since
it would not be enabled by default.

> So, I guess we could, indeed...anyway I bet you'll ask us to do so at
> some moment, won't you?

*asking* :-)


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