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Re: bogus lintian warning

Laszlo Boszormenyi <gcs@lsc.hu> writes:

>> When they do, it is a violation of Debian standards to remove it from
>> the orig.tar.gz file.  So there is no question of doing that.

>  Where do you read that? May be true, but can't remember any place ATM.

What do you think "orig" means in "orig.tar.gz"?  We make a necessary
exception when an upstream tarball contains files that are not
DFSG-free (and then we relabel the name of the tarball accordingly);
otherwise, the whole *point* of the orig.tar.gz file is to be the
original upstream source.

>> If you remove the CVS files from your unpacked build directory, that's
>> well and good, but dpkg-source refuses to honor this, printing helpful
>> messages like 
>> dpkg-source: warning: ignoring deletion of directory stylesheet/CVS

>  That's correct. You should remove it from .orig.tar.gz .

Hogwash.  It should not be removed at all.

Next will you be saying that other bugs in upstream packaging should
be marked by lintian?  

It is not a mistake to have a CVS directory; lintian is declaring a
standard for *upstream* authors packaging practices, not Debian.
Having a "no CVS" warning makes as much sense as requiring packages to
have a README and an INSTALL in the top-level source directory.  

It does make sense to warn against Debian developers who have *added*
a CVS directory not present in the upstream source, but that's a
different matter.


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