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bogus lintian warning

The lintian warning source-contains-CVS-dir is bogus.

I agree that upstream should not put CVS in their tarballs.  But
sometimes they do.

When they do, it is a violation of Debian standards to remove it from
the orig.tar.gz file.  So there is no question of doing that.

If you remove the CVS files from your unpacked build directory, that's
well and good, but dpkg-source refuses to honor this, printing helpful
messages like 
dpkg-source: warning: ignoring deletion of directory stylesheet/CVS

Of course dpkg-source ignores these because the packaging manual says
that the .diff.gz can't specify deletions.  (Never mind that patch is
perfectly capable of handling deletions.)

So, it's a bogus warning.  It should be removed from lintian.


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