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Re: hotplug blacklists

Quoting Marco d'Itri (md@Linux.IT):

> Everybody who has apt-listchanges installed, for a start.
> And if they don't, too bad for them.

Well, I agree that people using unstable really should install

However, what about testing and future stable users?

Our installer does not install apt-listchanges by default so we can't
just assume that announcing potential transition problems in
NEWS.Debian is enough....*if these transition affect testing and
future upgrades from sarge*

This is maybe not relevant to this discussion but this has to be said:
as long as we do not install apt-listchanges by default we can't
expect all our users to get information from there only.

debconf notes could be better suited in some cases. I'm the first
fighting useless debconf notes as "debconf abuse" but they also exist
with a real purpose and using them in some cases could be the best
solution if we have something important to say to users.

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