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Re: WebSVN of svn.debian.org uses wrong encoding

Frans Pop wrote:
> Who cares what default it sets or not sets? The point is that it has no 
> way to determine the correct encoding for files in the svn repo.

That is not true. For file that have the svn:mime-type property, it
might be possible. For example, if the mime-type indicates it is XML,
then you can find the encoding from the contents of the file. In this
case, this would have helped.

There are repeated discussions whether a svn:charset property should be
introduced. I think this discussion always ended with the observation
that the mime-type property has values that are really media-types,
and that media-types can have parameters, such as the charset parameter.

If people really want to get proper web-rendering of Subversion
repositories, they should start using these properties; then websvn
should start dealing with them in a more convenient way.


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