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Re: Using buildds only

Martin Pitt skrev:
> Hi Tomas!
> Tomas Fasth [2005-08-23  9:31 +0200]:
>>As a side note, I have myself thought about extending pbuilder using
>>unionfs and overlays to avoid the tarball extraction for each build.
> Indeed I referred to the overhead of tarball extraction and the like.
> unionfs is a great idea, do you plan to integrate this into the
> main pbuilder package? This would really rock. :)

The idea came to me just recently. I have no written code or patch
for pbuilder yet, and I have barely started to familiarize myself
with unionfs in general. I would definitely like to have such a
feature in pbuilder, so yes, integration is the preferred way to go.
If I manage to produce some working code I will post a patch for
pbuilder through BTS.

Tomas Fasth <tomfa@debian.org>
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