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Re: Using buildds only

Martin Pitt skrev:
> Hi Wouter!
> Wouter Verhelst [2005-08-23  1:26 +0200]:
>>So you suggest throwing buildd out of the window and switching to
>>pbuilder, then?
> Something like this is in fact considered. Probably Ubuntu won't use
> pbuilder itself since it is not the most efficient implementation
> around, but rebuilding the buildd chroots from scratch would help to
> eliminate many FTBFS bugs due to polluted chroots.

I find your statement about pbuilder and efficiency interesting.
Would you care to explain what you mean?

As a side note, I have myself thought about extending pbuilder using
unionfs and overlays to avoid the tarball extraction for each build.

Tomas Fasth <tomfa@debian.org>
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