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Re: vancouver revisited

Hi Joey,

Your response was very much what I needed to hear. I'll have to retract
most of my worries.

On Mon, Aug 22, 2005 at 07:20:07PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
>  - A personal interest shared by me, tbm, and taggart is to get Debian
>    working on the various types of cheap mips wireless access points that
>    are now available in the < $100 price range, many of which now sport a
>    usb interface, so should be able to run a real Debian system. I imagine
>    it will be useful to have preinstalled images to load into the flash
>    and/or a USB drive, but that users will also find it useful to install
>    Debian on these from scratch using an installer they are comfortable
>    with from installing their PCs.

I've tired using Debian on nfsroot/nbd on a Linksys wap54g. Unfortunatly 
I ran out of ram often, and swapping over nfs patches have disappeared 
into the time, while swapping over NBD gained some serious lockups.. 
An usb-slot seems to be necessary with current memory requirements of
a fully featured distribution.

As for using d-i, how do you envision it to happen in practice? Even
getting a serial port requires soldering.. One way I see would be
using fully automatic installs. A more nice way would be to be able to
"cross-install" into creating preinstallable images on a faster host

> For what it's worth, when I look at the set of issues[1] that are blocking
> us from releasing a new version of the installer right now, I see lots
> to suggest that d-i will not be releasing again with support for all
> Debian architectures anytime soon. Most of the issues are in the areas
> of kernel, toolchain, and other basic tools, and many of them would cause
> problems for anyone attempting the sort of debootstrapping you are
> advocating.

Unfortunatly debian wiki isn't talking to me atm, so I can't see what
issues you are referring to :-/ Toolchain issues are important, as they
affect everyone using the target, kernels are mor tricky.. Many vendors
are happy when they have one working kernel for their stuff, and then
never update it to match latest kernels.. 

Personally I would like to help on the arm stuff in debian generally, 
but I dont have arm systems here where debian-installer makes much sense
for users..


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