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vancouver revisited


Some comments :

> Initial:
> - must be publically available to buy new

Trivially true for any architecture, even VAX.

> - must be freely usable (without NDA)
> - must be able to run a buildd 24/7 without crashing
> - must have an actual, working buildd
> - must include basic UNIX functionality

Whatever that may mean

> - 5 developers must send in a signed request for the addition
> - must demonstrate to have at least 50 users
> - must be able to keep up with unstable with 2 buildd machines, and must
>   have one redundant buildd machine

Bogus requirement. At the moment we have less then 1 s390 buildd for example.

> Overall:
> - must have successfully compiled 98% of the archive's source
>   (excluding arch-specific packages)

Useless requirement. Less then 98% of the archive may be useful for the
architecture and it cannot be the porters problem that packages violate
language rules and therefore fail to compile or work on some arch.

> - must have a working, tested installer

Trivial. debootstrap does that. 

> - security team, DSA, and release team must not veto inclusion

Arbitrary veto power. This requirement is unacceptable for me. Noone
should be allowed to just ignore other peoples work within the project.


Peter (p2).

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