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Re: vancouver revisited

Riku Voipio wrote:
> I've tired using Debian on nfsroot/nbd on a Linksys wap54g. Unfortunatly 
> I ran out of ram often, and swapping over nfs patches have disappeared 
> into the time, while swapping over NBD gained some serious lockups.. 
> An usb-slot seems to be necessary with current memory requirements of
> a fully featured distribution.

Yes, a 16 mb machine like the wap54g is a bit low on memory. I've not
had any problems running debian on my 32mb WRT54GS, including running
aptitude and the like. My current dream machine is the WL-500G Deluxe,
which has 32 mb ram and 2 usb2 ports.

Of course I'd not run gnome on it, but this size of memory can make for
a nice little server. The only thing I anticipate having issues running
is bittorrent.

If I really need more memory, I can hook up a usb drive and swap to

> As for using d-i, how do you envision it to happen in practice? Even
> getting a serial port requires soldering.. One way I see would be
> using fully automatic installs. A more nice way would be to be able to
> "cross-install" into creating preinstallable images on a faster host
> systems.

Both completly automated installs as well as an install that is
automated through initial dhcp and then uses the existing
network-console stuff that was developed for s390 to let you ssh into
the installer.

see shy jo

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