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Re: Dogme05: Team Maintenance

Scripsit "Thaddeus H. Black" <t@b-tk.org>
> Henning Makholm wrote:

>> It is already the case that "flatly refusing to give away the package
>> or even allow co-maintenance" *should* not happen at all and, if it
>> does happen, *should* not prevent the package from eventually being
>> given to somebody who is willing to keep it properly maintained.

>> I agree that our mechanism for turning those "should"s into "do"s are
>> not, empirically, always working well. But simply adding by fiat
>> another requirement for the maintainer to flatly refuse to follow is
>> not likely to help solving the underlying problem.

> We have such a mechanism?  I didn't know this.

I didn't actually look it up, but even if the only mechanism we have
is "work it out on the mailing lists and appeal to the DPL / tech-ctte
/ a GR in case of stuckness", it is still a mechanism, at least for my
rhetorical purposes :-)

> Never having personally encountered a serious problem with an
> intransigent maintainer, I do not know much about it, but now you make
> me curious.

Sorry to have raised your expectations unwarrantedly.

Henning Makholm               "Monarki, er ikke noget materielt ... Borger!"

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