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Re: arch, svn, cvs

On Fri, 19 Aug 2005, martin f krafft wrote:

> also sprach Roland Mas <lolando@debian.org> [2005.08.19.2140 +0200]:
> >   The Berkeley DB storage backend was an enormously stupid thing, but
> > that's been fixed (phew).  My main gripe with Subversion now is that
> > if I'm not mistaken (which I could very well be, since I've switched
> > to baz and only use SVN for $HOME/bin/) you can't really do the
> > equivalent of "cvs update -j foo-branch-last-merge -j foo-branch"
> > without having to read commit logs, extract revision numbers from
> > there, and use these revision numbers in the command line.
> This is the most unpleasant part about participating in the Plone
> and Archetypes projects: merging a branch and properly interacting
> with branches takes unnecessarily long.
> Plus, Subversion doesn't really help you *at* *all*. Pages like[0]
> should not have to exist, and you should not have to refer to it
> *every* time you merge a branch into mainline.
> 0. http://plone.org/development/info/merging

svk is working very well for this.  repeated merges, between several branches,
sometimes a change can take multiple paths to reach the final destination, and
svk doesn't get confused at all.

Supports offline mirroring, remote syncing.  Uses the svn filesystem as it's
local storage mechanism.

Has partially working support for mirroring of cvs and preforce.  Full
mirroring support exists for svn.

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