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Re: status of jackd? (bug #318098)

Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:
Em Ter, 2005-08-09 às 19:17 -0700, Erik Steffl escreveu:

That is wat unstable is for.

well, what is experimental for then? And what would you offer to desktop users?

Stop that. That's how our release process works; using unstable (maybe
even testing, for that matter) for "common-user" desktops is broken. We
need faster releases or a Debian Desktop CDD which provides a more
desktop-friendly system, perhaps tracking testing and freezing
differently from the usual stable.

well, OK but _now_ the best option is unstable. All I was saying that IMO developers would help a lot by not using "it's just unstable" as an excuse to break it (or sort of break it, like jackd does). I was not asking for unstable to magically become release quality.

You're trying to fix the wrong problem, go fix real bugs.

? I can't fix bugs like the one in subject of this email or udev requiring newer kernel than is available in debian etc. (which is the kind of bugs I was talking about, I wasn't complaining about unstable in general, it's actually amazingly stable)

That, of course, when we're not busy handling unhelpful "ideas" or
complaints from people who do not really understand what's going on. How
many times more this same discussion is going to happen?

why do you assume I don't know how debian release process works? Been reading debian-devel and debian-users for few years now... Note that I wasn't asking to change the development process, simply to acknowledge that unstable is very useful to users and treat it as such, unless you come up with something else that's recent enough (more frequent releases, actually usable testing or something else).

and I guess it will be repeated until debian (i.e. debian developers) comes up with a solution. Perhpas the fact that this is being repeated over and over means that it should be addressed? (well, maybe ubuntu or other debian unstable based distro is the answer)


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