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Re: status of jackd? (bug #318098)

Em Ter, 2005-08-09 às 19:17 -0700, Erik Steffl escreveu:
> > That is wat unstable is for.
>    well, what is experimental for then? And what would you offer to 
> desktop users?

Stop that. That's how our release process works; using unstable (maybe
even testing, for that matter) for "common-user" desktops is broken. We
need faster releases or a Debian Desktop CDD which provides a more
desktop-friendly system, perhaps tracking testing and freezing
differently from the usual stable.

You're trying to fix the wrong problem, go fix real bugs.

>    what are you talking about? Nobody was suggesting anything like that. 
> I was merely saying that for lot of desktop users unstable is the only 
> sort of acceptable option so people might want to take it seriously, 
> like not breaking it for extended periods of time with the attitude 
> "it's just unstable". If developers needs to try something crazy then 
> there's experimental, as far as I can tell.

We're usually not doing crazy stuff on unstable, I assure you; we're
just trying to develop our next release.

That, of course, when we're not busy handling unhelpful "ideas" or
complaints from people who do not really understand what's going on. How
many times more this same discussion is going to happen?

See ya,

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