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Re: Packaging a PostScript resource

On Wed, 2005-08-10 at 16:37 +0100, Terry Burton wrote:
>         I appreciate your efford, but please let me tell you, that it
>         is
>         a) highly uncommon to ask for a package sponsor without an url
>         to the 
>           source packages.
> PostScript is an interpretted language, so I fail to understand what
> you mean by source packages in this context.

Source package != source code.  All binary (.deb) packages *must* have a
source package (.tar.gz, .diff.gz, .dsc) even if they only contain
interpreted files.

Go read the doc that was recommended, and I think you'll understand.
Once you have gained a basic grasp of Debian packaging from reading
these docs, and have applied any corrections you feel are necessary from
your reading of the doc, you'll find it much easier to find someone to
sponsor your package.


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