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Packaging a PostScript resource

I have a PostScript resource that I am intending to package with the aim of getting it into Etch. There are an increasing number of front-end applications that are using this resource and each of these currently embeds their own instance of it. To prevent this duplication and effectively manage updates and version control I am looking to create a library package, libpostscriptbarcode, or similar, on which other application packages (and language specific APIs, when they are written) can depend.
The resource is the barcode.ps file from the Barcode Writer in Pure PostScript project at http://www.terryburton.co.uk/barcodewriter .
Would this be the most sensible Debian naming strategy for packaging a PostScript resource?
libpostscriptbarcode - for the PostScript resources
libperl-postscriptbarcode - for the Perl API, etc.
Is there a maintainer who would be willing to examine the .deb and upload it to Debian repository once I have created it.
Many thanks,

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