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Re: Packaging a PostScript resource

I appreciate your efford, but please let me tell you, that it is
a) highly uncommon to ask for a package sponsor without an url to the
  source packages.
PostScript is an interpretted language, so I fail to understand what you mean by source packages in this context.

b) your package is far from being well enough to be included in Debian.

Sorry, but let's start with some simple things:  No copyright file?  No
Copyright is included in the resource file. If this need to come out into a COPYRIGHT file I can certainly do this.

I have only recently added version control to the project. I intend to maintain a changelog for all future releases.

  Documentation in /usr/lib/foo?  
Sorry? I don't understand what documentation you mean. The .ps file _is_ the resource.

And actually I fail to see
what the benefit is of having a small postscript document showing me
something about barcodes as a debian package?  Or am I missing
something?  The package I just took a quick view at just contains a
postscript file, nothing more.
I think that you have misunderstood what you are looking at... forgive me if I wrong.

If you open the .ps file in a text editor you will find that it is in fact a PostScript resource file with commented delimiters that are used by many front end-applications to extract the relevant PostScript procedures required to produce different symbologies within a particular document. The sample invokations at the end of the file are usually parsed out of the file by the calling application, but are left in the resource file since they provide a simple demonstration of the code's capabilities.

There are a number of high-level APIs for this code that are currently in production including Java, Perl and Ruby. Also the resource is used by the pst-barcode LaTeX package that is part of PSTricks and the web-based demo at http://www.raise-the-bar.co.uk/demo.

Did you read the New Maintainers Guide, yet?  It's available at
http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide.  Are you aware of the
debian-mentors list at http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/?
Thanks. I'll take a look at both of these.
I the light of this information can you see other problems with the deb package, apart from missing copyright and changelog files.
Kind regards,

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