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Re: Packaging a PostScript resource

Terry Burton wrote:
> PostScript is an interpretted language, so I fail to understand what you
> mean by source packages in this context.

That word is part of the Debian jargon.  You need to learn the
essentials of that jargon before you can effectively package anything
for Debian.  The main source for this is the Debian Policy manual, which
you should read in its entirety (not skipping things that on the surface
look irrelevant).


> Copyright is included in the resource file. If this need to come out
> into a COPYRIGHT file I can certainly do this.

More of the same.

> There are a number of high-level APIs for this code that are currently
> in production including Java, Perl and Ruby. Also the resource is used
> by the pst-barcode LaTeX package that is part of PSTricks and the
> web-based demo at http://www.raise-the-bar.co.uk/demo.

Your package should refer to those, then.


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