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Re: fresh blood gets congested: long way to become DD

[Andrew Suffield]
> AMs aren't much better, as a group. The FD checks their applications
> so as not to waste the DAM's time reviewing bogus ones, and the DAM
> checks them to filter out people who shouldn't get in. The reason
> why we need both these checks is most simply explained by pointing
> out that both of them reject a significant number of applicants - if
> we didn't have them, people would get in who shouldn't, or the DAM's
> already limited time would be wasted, slowing the process down more.

You seem to assume that all rejections are correct, and get rid of
some people which should not be accepted as debian developers, while
all approvals are suspect and might let through a person which should
have been rejected.  Is this correct?

Do you have any good arguments why it isn't the other way around, that
some of the rejections get rid of people which could have done a great
job as a debian developer?

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