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Re: fresh blood gets congested: long way to become DD

* Nigel Jones (nigelj@gmail.com) [050802 05:31]:
> Also: say that if an AM/DAM does not process x applications a month
> (reasonably fair amount (say 5) and allow for vaccations/sickness etc)
> then they may face removal

I don't know if you've every worked as AM, but if you have other duties
in Debian and perhaps even a life, then it is next to impossible to work
on 5 applicants per month. And, BTW, is it not our problem to have too
few AMs and you propose reducing their numbers even more? Even an AM
that processes only one applicant at each time reduces the load of the
queue in total (perhaps not as much as an AM that processes more than
one, but that's still better than nothing).

> Now I'm not sure exactly how hard an AM's work is

Yes, one could see that.


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