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Re: fresh blood gets congested: long way to become DD

On Tue, August 2, 2005 10:28, Andreas Barth wrote:
> And, BTW, is it not our problem to have too few AMs

While I can agree that there are too few AMs, the whole process itself
seems pretty bureaucratic with room for improvement. Once you've completed
the AM stage, this still has to happen:
- AM checks application.
- Front Desk checks application.
- DAM checks application.
- DAM creates account.

(Source: nm.debian.org)

So, once the AM, who has done a thorough review of the candidate, then you
still need to pass three steps. Why? Once you've reached the AM-approved
stage, you've already got:
- a good review by an existing developer (advocate)
- an assurance from a person very experienced with Debian and with
handling new developers
- a proof of identity

Well, I could understand that it's desired to have one last check by a
third person at the end of the whole process. But why do the FD and DAM
have to check separately?

And why is approval by DAM not equal to account creation? It seems to me
that the account creation step could be fully automated: checking the box
"approved by DAM" could trigger an insert into the LDAP database thereby
creating the account.


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