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Re: about voting for bugs


> > To get some indication on the order the bugs should be solved in?  As
> > we have limited time and people, it is smart to start with the bugs
> > affecting most people.
> > 
> I can only see usefulness for QA team (orphaned) packages. A properly 
> maintained package should have a thinking machine (maintainer)
> who is able to discriminate what's a spurious bug and what's not.+
Like Mark Brown mentioned in his post it is also good for the psychology
of the users. When voting for a bug you have the good feeling of having
done something. I know the feeling if I have search the list off all the
500 bugs only to find out that my one was already reported and nothing
new to add.
Additionally e.g. the maintainers do _not_ always know what is most
important for the user (especially for wishlist items..). I myself would
like to have rated bugs against my packages, if I had to deal with a
large number of bugs. Of course the final desicion which bug to fix is
to be made by the maintainer, and of course there is the possibility
that the maintainer gets flamed because she fixes the vote1 bug before
the vote20 bug. But maintainers get flamed already and I doubt that this
would increase the overall amount of flaming.

Greetings Ben

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